The Psychological laws of live Poker

Many players take poker too seriously, especially at the low limits. And here we mean not their serious attitude towards training, strategy or bankroll management, but their attitude towards the game itself and opponents. They usually take a position that supposedly “everyone around is opposed to them.” And these players very often get nervous and furious when they lose the pot because of a stupid opponent’s play.

This approach to the game can be destructive to your kelab 711 poker career, which will make you hate poker very soon.

Staying positive at all times will not only make you a more pleasant player in the eyes of your opponents (including the fish), but will also allow you to extract useful information from them about their game through communication.

Poker may be your main job, but that doesn’t mean you have to be unhappy doing it.

Play Fast

One of the biggest disadvantages of Klikbet77 live poker is the inability to play long distances due to the slow speed of hands per hour.

Of course, it’s important not to rush to make difficult and costly decisions, but in general, you should try to play faster.

By playing more hands per hour, you will be happier for yourself, your tablemates and your bankroll!

Don’t take it personally

Sometimes at the poker table you will be attacked directly or indirectly. You will be bluffed, moved, or simply berated verbally for your actions.

But you should not take all this negativity to heart, much less let it influence your game. Remain impenetrable and try to use these attacks as an opportunity to make yourself stronger!

Don’t Forget Game Select

In distance poker, you will only make money when you have edge over your opponents at the table. And there are two ways to improve it: either improve your technical skill, or play against weaker players. Both are important, but the latter is much easier.

Try not to be overly predatory

There is a clear distinction between game select and predation. Of course, it is very important to always sit down to play against those players whom you can beat, but you do not have to overdo it, becoming so-called “bumhunters” who literally pursue their victims like maniacs.

And one more important law!

If poker is not entertainment for you, but a source of income, then you should be able to manage your risks by playing strictly according to your bankroll.

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